Monthly Archives: April 2010

Great Resource for Video Footage

A month or two back, I heard about this offer of free daily video clips from Arbeats. ( A lot of the clips are of so-so quality — interlaced video with evident breaks in the primary subject matter. But some of it is first-rate. And some of it is footage you could not get on […]

Sturm und Drang

What the heck?! I just encountered this phrase in the context of an Apple TV review! My first encounter was in a book about William Buckley, so is this renewal of what seems to be a 19th century German phrase coming from political opinion shows? Certainly I’ve seen it used several times on CNBC, FOX […]

Potentially Amazing Language Resource Apparently all their courses have gone into the public domain. Wanna learn Kituba? Igbo? Their site got swamped after mention on Lifehacker, but when it comes back up, should be pretty cool.

Tiny Earth

Pretty cool. IBM scientists have created a teeny tiny Earth with something like an atomic CNC machine!

Fun for Logophiles

My uncle sent me this site to which I’m a frequent contributor: See if you can figure out which of the regulars is me!

Fabulous Fortune Covers

Fortune Magazine covers used to be gorgeous:

Nifty Web Site — Lots of Motion I didn’t spend much time with this site. (I stumbled upon it while look for uses of a particular web component.) But it’s very cool. I’m going to have to look under the hood one of these days. Update: I just took a quick look at the code and its a WordPress site using […]

Cool Radio Station

Today a client let me in on the secret of East Village Radio in NYC.

Fair Use on YouTube

Google adds a Fair Use button to YouTube videos, making it very easy for media producers to challenge removals.

Dr. Who Meets Julia Child

EX – TER – MIN – ATE! EX – TER – MIN – ATE! But first, would you care to have a wee bit of dessert?

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