Great Resource for Video Footage

A month or two back, I heard about this offer of free daily video clips from Arbeats. (

A lot of the clips are of so-so quality — interlaced video with evident breaks in the primary subject matter. But some of it is first-rate. And some of it is footage you could not get on your own without big money (or a substantial knowledge of 2.5D and some really good photos).
I heard they were going to do this for a year (till probably around Mar 1, 2011), but their site suggests they have no plans to discontinue the offer, so it’s a great way to amass a library of footage — especially for personal projects, tests, or pre-vis.

1 thought on “Great Resource for Video Footage

  1. This promotion came to an end in earlier June 2010. They switched to one per week, but that’s supposed to end soon as well.

    Pretty good way of getting one’s name into people’s heads, though. And ArtBeats has **tons** of footage, so it’s probably no great sacrifice to give away 50GB or so.

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