Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dr Who Meets Tesla

I didn’t go to Maker Faire, but a friend did and he saw this … um … creative use of a giant Tesla coil. (Buy one now! Two for the special low price of 1MeV! Farraday suit not included.) Of course this kind of thing is getting to be commonplace at alternative geek gatherings, but […]

Her Morning (Lack of) Elegance

Watch the first one first. Then you have to watch this one.

70 Million Art Quotes

Thanks to Susan for this one. Fabulous!

From Poetry to Literacy to Mediacracy

Thanks to Cyrus for this tweeted article from 1991 on the role of media and technology in society’s current revolution away from traditional sources of information.

Sweet SciFi Retro Video

I haven’t figured out all the movies used for this video: Amari – Tiger from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo. Can anyone help? 2010 Black Hole The Last Starfighter A Duran Duran video?? Starman Spaceballs? The one in what looks like an RV should be a giveaway — with the guy in dreads and the bald […]

Fibonacci Demonstrated

There are many more examples of Fibonacci series in nature than shown in this video, but it is the most beautiful demonstration I’ve ever seen of the progression and relationships.

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