Monthly Archives: March 2011

What Are These Interesting Barcodes?

I recently found this page at TidBITS—a Mac-focused e-zine whose founder and editors are unapologetic technophiles. They have often tried new things in their newsletter and online to see how they fare. One such thing is 2D barcodes. And they’re completely worth a read!

Berkeley Ranks 4th in International Reputation

The irony with this study, however, is that even many of my fellow East Bay residents — living in the shadow of Cal — barely mention it when talking about elite schools. “Ivy League” carries a huge amount of weight for some people. But clearly, schools don’t have to be private to enjoy great reputations […]

Wild Downhill Race – Rider’s Helmet Cam

This is really amazing. Crazy, but amazing. And I think the thing that got me most was that at around halfway through I saw this guy’s shadow and he was pedaling! I would have been on the brakes the entire way. Well, for the first 100 feet or so, at which time I’m sure I […]

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