Great Design Series on Netflix

Just last night I watched the first episode of the new Netflix series “Abstract: The Art of Design”, featuring illustrator Christoph Niemann. Perhaps it was just that Niemann’s work is so interesting and funny, but the show seems delightful. I’m planning on showing my kids, since I think they will get as much out of it as I!

Cool Video Celebrating Illustrator

I have used Illustrator since the early 90s, after Freehand went away. I had trouble at first with the different tools and key commands, but eventually became comfortable and now use it in almost every major design project I have. Additionally, Illustrator has acted like something of a can opener for me in its ability to pull apart PDF files, since often a challenge with a design project is to obtain already-created assets, such as logos, that the client may not have, and may not be able to get.
Today, someone sent me a video commemorating the anniversary of Illustrator. Kind of cool to see images and people I have encountered over the years. Ron Chan created one the cover of one of the first Macworld issues I contributed to — the rather iconic vector graphic of a man pulling a broadsheet off a printing press. I saw him rebuild that image at a Macworld conference a few months later.