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Test of Video

Showing My Daughter Web Design Part 2

She’s back to her interest in SLIME! And so she’s asking again how to create a web site.

Showing My Daughter How to Create a Web Site

My daughter is interested in learning about web sites. Perhaps one day soon, she’ll create one herself!

Great Design Series on Netflix

Just last night I watched the first episode of the new Netflix series “Abstract: The Art of Design”, featuring illustrator Christoph Niemann. Perhaps it was just that Niemann’s work is so interesting and funny, but the show seems delightful. I’m planning on showing my kids, since I think they will get as much out of […]

Cool Video Celebrating Illustrator

I have used Illustrator since the early 90s, after Freehand went away. I had trouble at first with the different tools and key commands, but eventually became comfortable and now use it in almost every major design project I have. Additionally, Illustrator has acted like something of a can opener for me in its ability […]

Making My Own Map

Pretty nice! Another test using Google sample:

Quick and Dirty Casting

How this appeared in my YouTube feed, I don’t recall. Nonetheless, a popular Youtuber by the name of Grant has tons of interesting how-to videos on molding and casting. He seems to do most of his projects on the cheap — for example, smelting soda cans in a forge made with a metal bucket, sand, […]

Reboot (maybe) and Getting Smarter

The Internet being what it is and life being nowadays a series of distractions, it has been a while since I posted anything here. When you’re consuming and consuming content, it doesn’t always occur to share it, particularly when the platforms on which you’re seeing whatever-it-is make it easier simply to echo within their site. […]

Largest and Smallest (and all things in between) Use the slider to see things as small as quantum foam (and strings), or as large as the biggest known features of the universe. It’s a bit like an interactive version of the Eames’ “Powers of Ten” movie (, but showing collections of things in relative scale. By the way, fans of gaming and […]

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