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Reboot (maybe) and Getting Smarter

The Internet being what it is and life being nowadays a series of distractions, it has been a while since I posted anything here. When you’re consuming and consuming content, it doesn’t always occur to share it, particularly when the platforms on which you’re seeing whatever-it-is make it easier simply to echo within their site. […]

Curiosity Mission

I watched the landing of the newest Mars rover Curiosity last night. It was fun being a part—if just an observer—of this event, and I was moved not only by the accomplishment (amazing!), but by the emotion in the room. It will be exciting to see how this mission unfolds over the next 2+ years. […]

Solar Dynamics Observatory

I’d heard of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), but it wasn’t until the Transit of Venus in June that I realized just how amazing were the publicly available resources NASA has provided. Amazing photos and video, the ability to construct time lapses from data, as well as all that they provide to researchers. It is […]

Super slow image of lightning strike

This super slo-mo video of a lightning strike (several actually) is very, very cool. It appears to me that everything happens in just over 1/10 of one second. And it’s interesting that the electricity seems to pulse through the same channels again and again, and also perhaps flows continuously as in the case of the […]

MRIs of Fruit

Very interesting to see so visually the structural commonalities of different fruits and vegetables. But I have to say it’s a bit surreal to have all the videos playing at once! http://insideinsides.blogspot.com/

Cool video of solar activity

From a new satellite now being calibrated and mentioned on NPR’s Science Friday:

Dr Who Meets Tesla

I didn’t go to Maker Faire, but a friend did and he saw this … um … creative use of a giant Tesla coil. (Buy one now! Two for the special low price of 1MeV! Farraday suit not included.) Of course this kind of thing is getting to be commonplace at alternative geek gatherings, but […]

Fibonacci Demonstrated

There are many more examples of Fibonacci series in nature than shown in this video, but it is the most beautiful demonstration I’ve ever seen of the progression and relationships.

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