Reboot (maybe) and Getting Smarter

The Internet being what it is and life being nowadays a series of distractions, it has been a while since I posted anything here. When you’re consuming and consuming content, it doesn’t always occur to share it, particularly when the platforms on which you’re seeing whatever-it-is make it easier simply to echo within their site. I also see most of the interesting things I come across on Flipboard, and I haven’t figured out how to connect that with a blog (or microblog). We have a term — Luddite — for people who reject technology, but I don’t know if there is a term for people, like me, who simply don’t have time to adopt new tech (and honestly, who get a little confused by the fickle and ever-changing nature of the web tech landscape.) I can understand the motivation behind media consolidation — I, too, want a single place to do my social stuff. But until privacy is address and until I feel confident that I own my own thoughts (not Facebook), I’ll likely continue my mostly-silent patterns on such services.

In any case, some of what I have been consuming in the past couple of years is YouTube videos. Of course I’d known its potential for years. But probably the greatest single impetus for my spending time on YouTube has been science videos. Two channels — Veritasium and Getting Smarter Every Day — are so interesting, I could probably just sit all day watching those channels (and the related videos their content inspires or relates to). I wouldn’t at all be surprised if either host becomes a public television host. In fact, the host of Veritasium has done content for CBC that has appeared on PBS. But the rather home grown quality of both is, for me, part of the appeal.

So here are two videos, one from each channel.




I Love OKGo

The guys in OKGo are so amazing for their videos. And I think their music is pretty fine, too. But the videos really make them something special. I just watched “This Too Shall Pass” again after stumbling across a YouTube video of Notre Dame’s marching bang paying homage. What it is about this video that I think is so incredible, I can’t really say. It’s a simple idea, and not nearly as complex as their previous videos. So perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they are doing something live and so outside of genre, with a teensy bit of Souza built in. It’s four years later, but it’s still great.

And this newer one is pretty awesome, too, for an entirely different reason!

How to Write a Love Song

I don’t much listen to this kind of pop/R&B/hip-hop-esque music, but it’d be hard to have gotten to 2011 without having heard a few of them, and some of what’s in this song is true for most pop/rock songs going back to the 50s (a period with which I’m all too familiar, thanks to my college singing group’s emphasis on doo-wop music — blech!)

This group from Australia has a laser beam focus on what’s silly about these songs. I was laughing out-loud most of the way through.